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Comments from My Clients

Dear Andrea,

Thank you again for your kindness. We are very lucky to have been referred to you when we decided to see what properties were available in the price range we could afford. Just like many others I am sure, we had hopes and desires that were perhaps much higher than our available funds. You were able to hook us up with a great place that was right in line with our hopes as well as something we felt we could afford. You made yourself available, coached us and worked hard to make this all happen. We are very grateful to you.

Take special care and have a great week.

To the buyers and sellers out there soon to be touched by Andrea Christie...you will so enjoy the experience, and remember it always.

Steve & Cate Jordan


Dear Andrea,

What a distinct pleasure it was to discover your company and to have you as our representative! That discovery led to the quick, successful sale of our Long Lake property in Harrison Hills. It was especially gratifying to watch as you sprang into action, gathering your fellow work associates around you to look at our property, flooding the appropriate customer markets with information about our home and continually updating this information. You never stopped. You never rested. Your enthusiasm regarding the sale of our property was contagious and encouraging. Setting the appropriate price on the property made the sale.

What was also encouraging was the way realtors from other offices showed respect for your professionalism and hard work. It was a pleasure, after a disappointing start with another company, to have the sale move along so smoothly with you and getting the full price offer was, certainly, a bonus. Thank you, Andrea, you are the best. Plus, we feel we've gained a friend.


Carmen & Sonja Catania

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